Ubuntu - the core value of all Southern Africans

Your Holiday Trip is incomplete without learning about the people of Southern Africa. Experience the Authenticity and Humanity of African Culture. Learn about Southern Africa's recent and ancient history. Discover the real soul and everyday life of Southern Africans. Browse our Activities & Tours .

From enlightening tours to villages of the original inhabitants of Southern Africa, the Khoi San. Experience the Shangaan Festival, the Tonga Village Tour and the Matebele Traditional Dancers. Go to the Island prison where liberation icons such as Nelson Mandela spent decades incarcerated. Then to what is believed to be the Cradle of Humankind and to the bustling vibes of the Township of Soweto.

Bantu Safaris guarantees you authentic, insightful experiences and great fun.

⊕ The right Adventure Activities for you:

♥ By Preference 

Choose the Heritage and Culture Tours that best suit your social convictions.

∑ By Pax 

Whether you are going solo, travelling as a couple on a romantic get away, on a family holiday or a group of buddies looking for some fun, you will certainly find the best heritage and culture Trips for you.

λ By Age Group

Our youngest Culture and Heritage client is 7 Months and the oldest is 84. You are not too young nor too old to learn about the immense and diverse culture of Southern Africa.

⇔By Duration

From 2 hour long Village Tours to Half Day Traditional Festival Shows and much more, you are spoilt for choice in the time that you fancy learning and enjoying African Heritage.

♠ General Safety 

Culture and Heritage Tours are generally leisurely and safe. Just try to avoid drinking and eating that which you are not certain off.

∇ Insurance

We provide general public liability cover for all our activities. However this at times may not be adequate to cover your specific circumstances. Hence we require that you take out adequate travel insurance that covers the specific activities that you have booked with us.

⊕ A Few Tips

♦  How to Book

You can either book directly on our Activities & Tours page, email us onbookings@bantusafari.com or call us on +44 345 450 6103.

⇒ Transport between Tours and Activities

All transportation between activities is included in your booking fee.

© Dress Code

Southern Africa is generally a warm, sunny and beautiful place. Light clothing that is not too loose fitting is recommended.

¢  Tipping Guides

Gratuities/Tips for guides are your discretion and are given directly to the guide at the end of the activity.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Cape Town, Gauteng, Hwange, Matopos

Culture & Heritage Tours

The most authentic Culture and Heritage Tours in Southern Africa

    3 Night Kruger Safari

    Culture, Wildlife Safari

    All Inclusive Per Person for 3 Nights at the Kruger National Park. Explore the Big Five wildlife Kruger Safari and Experience one of the finest Wildlife Safaris in Africa, all…

    from $994.00