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One of the 10 largest national parks in Africa, and the largest in Zimbabwe at 14,651 sq km, Hwange National Park, pronounced ‘Wang-ee’, has an astonishing amount of wildlife. Some 500 species of bird and 107 types of animal can be found in the park.Roaming Hwange’s savanna grasslands and woodlands are the Big Seven (Lion,Elephant,Rhino,Buffalo,Leopard,Giraffe,Cheetah) and 100 other species of mammals – the park has the biggest diversity of mammals out of the world’s national parks.Visiting Hwange during the dry winter months of July to October guarantees spectacular wildlife sightings, as animals gather around the man-made waterholes in the park to drink.What makes Hwange so special is its lack of crowds. For all of its biodiversity, huge herds of elephants and ease of sightings in the winter months, the park never gets crowded, which means you have the space and the quiet to soak up the magic of the bush.

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  • Bantu Safari Operates a Safari Lodge and Tours at Hwange National Park.
  • Hwange National Park is in Matebeleland North Province, Zimbabwe.
  • Hwange NP has the best Safari Guides in Africa and a variety of Accommodation from Camping, Mid-Range and Luxury Bush Camps.
  • A Hwange Safari can be combined with a Victoria Falls Day Trip as Vic Falls is only a 2 hours away.
  • Day trips to Hwange National Park from Vic-Falls are very popular & Bantu Safaris provides the best.

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For the best Hwange Safaris, Accommodation and Activity Rates

Call : +27 10 446 9058

Email : info@bantusafari.com

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